SP-8×10+ update #2

The big news: we’ve moved the hold-down tabs to the bottom of the lid but left the tabs on the dividers.  (This was motivated, in part, by Tim Layton’s feedback. Click for his review.) This should give us the maximum flexibility while optimizing the design for 8×10 users.


By simply adding extra slots to the sides of the tray, we’ll be able to accommodate most of the more common legacy film formats.

Click on the images below for a larger view of the 3D rendering.


A comment about loading the tray with smaller sheets. Our video discusses two techniques: divider first vs film first. That’s true for 5×7 but for anything smaller than 4×5 (or 9x12cm), you’ll have to load two sheets; insert a divider; load two more sheets; insert the next divider etc.


Of course, we’re still experimenting and everything is still subject to change but we really believe that we’re zeroing in on the final design.