A $27,700 funding goal?

It may sound like a lot of money but there are three major expenses to consider:


First, while the prototype is finished (actually, we’re already on rev 4 of the tray), it’s time to start optimization. This will probably require at least one major revision and numerous experiments with the dividers. In addition, there’s still a lot of testing to do. Obviously, the cost of the film is a factor but the real cost is the time involved.


Second, and most significantly, injection molds aren’t cheap! And we’ll need at least three, possibility four:

  • Main Tray: pretty simple but rather large. This will require a big block of tool steel. Production will have to be in a large (hundreds of tons) press.

  • Lid: same comments as the tray.
  • Dividers: We’re planning on two dividers. One will split the tank into two 5×7 compartments. The other into two 4×10 compartments. Install both for processing 4×5/9×12.
  • Baffles: These are the three inserts that form the light-tight fill/drain port. We hope to be able to fit them in one mold with dividers but they may require their own block of steel.


Third, production costs add up quick. We don’t know exactly what the minimum production run will be, since it depends on a lot of factors but a 1000 units is probably on the bottom end. Then there’s the shipping cost. The SP-8×10+ will be bulky but light weight; this results in dimensional weight charges and means the main shipment will probably require its own container.


Fourth, (turns out there’s a fourth), the credit card companies want their cut too. We don’t blame them but we need to account for the percentage they’ll take off the top.